Top 24 American Idol 2008-Spoiler!

dari berbagai sumber, inilah spoiler Top 24 American Idol 2008….kita lihat saja bener apa gak berita ini…


1. Chikezie Eze, 2. Colton Berry, 3. Danny Noriega, 4. David Archuleta, 5. David Cook, 6. David Hernandez, 7. Garrett Haley, 8. Jason Castro, 9. Jason Yeager, 10. Luke Menard, 11. Michael Lee Johns, 12. Robbie Carrico


1. Alaina Whitaker, 2.Alexandréa Lushington, 3.Amanda Overmyer, 4.Amy Davis, 5.Asia’h Epperson, 6. Brooke White, 7. Carly Smithson, 8. Joanne Borgella, 9. Kady Malloy, 10. Kristy Lee Cook, 11. Ramiele Malubay, 12. Syesha Mercado


5 thoughts on “Top 24 American Idol 2008-Spoiler!

  1. Hello,,,,,Finally’s AMERICAN IDOL 2008.especially for DAVID ARCHULETA from SAN DIAGO CITY…congratulation For all..they are the best of the best… two thumbs up..we alway’s Pray to DAVID ARCHULETA…,,because he have a potensional and a good performent!!!!

  2. Brooke white ke laut aja deh. Suaranya standard bgt. Gue jagoin asia’h, syesha, ramiele. But however, MELINDA is the best of the best in american idol !

  3. Jason Castro is the scene stealer. No doubt that he’s the best di minggu ketiga babak 24 besar. But I like David Cook too. Utk ce-nya, udah pasti Amanda Overmyer.

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